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Argus Rising Class Schedule

All Dates Marked "OPEN - Class Start Day" are available dates to start a new class.

All Dates Marked with a class identifier IE "Part 107 Test Prep #29" are classes available to you to join.

All Argus Rising classes are formed based on the demand we have for a specific date. Classes typically consist of 3 minimum to 12 maximum First Responders from all over the USA. If you desire a private class consisting of only your department or station we require a minimum registration of 6 students. Please use the calendar below to determine which dates are best for you to book a 4 Day Part 107 Test Prep or our 4 Day Search and Rescue with Thermal Imaging class. If you are interested in a 2 Day Tactical and Recon, 1 Day Startup Class or 1 Day Skills Refresher Course please choose any start day except Friday, Saturday or Sunday that you desire. We can book multiple classes. No classes will be held on a Federal Holiday. If you have additional questions please contact us for more details. (877) 290-3141

Note - Class fees are subject to change without notice. If you pay using a P.O. we accept payment in full. If you cannot pay in full Argus Rising requires a 50% deposit upon class booking date. The final payment is due on the start date of the class. All fees are non-refundable.