Drone Training Firm Reaches Out to Police

An American drone training company is launching a new program appealing to the fast-growing, public-safety sector. Argus Rising recently announced a new certified series of UAV training courses aimed at law enforcement, fire and search-and-rescue agencies. The first level of instruction, known as Top Gun Bootcamp, is a five-day course aimed at newbie users and includes topics such as drone safety, FAA regulations, flight skills and READ MORE HERE

Certified Drone & Next-Gen Crime Scene Photography Training

The team at Argus Rising is pleased to offer certified drone training for law enforcement, fire, and rescue personnel. To cater to the needs of first responders across the country, Argus Rising offers several drone training courses. There are four courses currently available for law enforcement: READ MORE HERE

Law Enforcement agencies continue to explore the benefits of UAVS

Argus Rising Certified Drone Specialists Law Enforcement agencies continue to explore the benefits of UAVS, a recent use-case out of Modesto California demonstrates the benefits of utilizing a rapidly deployed eye-in-the-sky drone that can quickly track fugitives on the run. The DJI UAV utilized is wrapped with the police department’s logo. While this is a “Pilot Program” Modesto PD hopes to expand the use of Drones and Trained Remote Pilots. “It can move a little quicker than our officers on the ground can move. It’s going to keep our citizens safer, it’s going to keep us safer,” Smith said. Argus Rising specializes in training Law Enforcement agencies across the US, offering courses specif

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