All of Our Hoover Students Passed Their Test!

Earlier this month (2/27 to 3/3 to be exact) the Argus Rising team had the pleasure of working with 5 Officers from the Hoover, AL PD. We spent the whole week drilling them on FAA part 107 material. In 3 days of classroom and 2 days of field flight training we were confident that we had done everything we could to ensure that they would pass their FAA part 107 tests. We were right! The great news was shared with us earlier this week. "Just letting you know all have passed the 107 test first time. Thanks for helping us to prepare. Officer Ken McGinnis Hoover Police Department" Argus Rising - We Exclusively Train Law Enforcement / Fire and Rescue [ LE/FR. ] Contact us today to book your Top Gu

DJI Ground Station Pro

A few years ago, DJI offered an app called Ground Station which allowed Phantom users the ability to design missions on the ground and then fly them autonomously. Even though it lacked a lot of functionality compared to today's standards, it was handy and it gave remote pilots the freedom to set waypoints before the aircraft ever left the ground, among other things. When DJI hit its growth spurt and came out with the Phantom 3 and 4 platforms, as well as other professional and industrial platforms, support for Ground Station faded and did not grow with the product line. DJI stopped updating the app in late 2015. A lack of support for the new platforms created a vacuum which was filled by pro

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