Drones Are On Fire:

Well, not literally but the popularity of Drones among our Nations Firefighters has increased significantly over the last 24 months, if a Fire Department has not already deployed Drones then they are likely reviewing their options. When the alarms go off Firefighters rush to the scene with little or no information on potential victims or the size and scope of the overall fire.

Rapidly deployed Drones have the ability to immediately provide information on the intensity and scope of the fire and even potential victims, utilizing thermal imaging cameras mounted to the Drones they can not only see dangerous hot spots to alert fire fighters of hazardous areas such as roof tops but they can literally see through smoke to identify possible victims.

It’s still a new technology but it has already proven itself on the fire fighting and search and rescue front. It is an inexpensive rapidly deployed platform capable of flying numerous missions such as Hazardous Material Spills, Active Fire Scenes, Search and Rescue, Arson Investigations, Accident Scene Photos and the list goes on.


Brian is the Sr. Director of Research and Development for Argus Rising


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