Secure Multi-Platform Video Broadcasting via Aeryon and Dejero

As drone technology matures, we are seeing other existing technologies being plugged straight into the UAS industry to fill gaps and solve problems. One of those issues is video acquisition and distribution to multiple platforms in real-time. Law enforcement, fire rescue, and first responders never have the luxury of knowing when and where the next emergency will occur, and when resources are scattered, it is usually a huge endeavor to get the right people onsite and plugged into the situation in a timely manner. Aeryon Labs, the company that manufactures the SkyRanger platform as well as several different payload implements, partnered with video acquisition and distribution company Dejero to fill this gap. The resulting offering is Aeryon Live, a service that allows the drone operators to connect to the Aeryon Live service via WiFi, cabled Ethernet, cellular data (3G, 4G, LTE), or even satellite or microwave communication. Live video can then be streamed securely to any viewers anywhere in the world, on nearly any device.

A scenario that might benefit from this service is the ongoing Oroville Dam crisis in California. With an eroding spillway, update and observance drone flights could be broadcast to not just local civil engineers, but experts anywhere in the US or abroad. Having the right people see the conditions live would bring much more knowledge and experience to the dangerous situation and could offer advice that could possibly save lives and/or property. Another scenario might be an earthquake where building structures are compromised and are using drones to determine if it's safe for search and rescue personnel to enter. An active shooter or hostage taker trapped up on top of a parking garage could benefit in multiple experts observing his/her behavior as well.

Ultimately, Aeryone Live brings resources to the scene in seconds instead of minutes or hours. The link below shows the DJI implement of the product.

Platform Agnostic AeryonLive offers Video and Telemetry ...

AeryonLive delivers accurate data to the right people, at the right time, enabling prompt decision making for public safety, saving time, money or lives.


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