Mountain West UAS Training

Hosted by the Sublette County Sheriffs Office

Sign up for this multi-agency drone training course that will be held in Pinedale Wyoming this Spring 2023. There are 24 spots available so, there are 2 training start dates. 

2023 Training Dates


20th to 23rd (Primary Dates)


27th to 30th (Alternate Dates)

Click the red payment button to pay by card. Or, scan the QR code. *If you need to pay by check please call us at (817) 680-0810 for your payment total and our mailing address.


4 - Day UAV Search and Rescue with Thermal Imaging (SAR / TI)

4 -Day Class 

1 Day Classroom 3 Days Situational Field / Flight Training. The 4 Day (SAR) is an in-depth study in the techniques and tools needed to safely execute a UAS Search and Rescue operation. We will discuss strategies, tactics, procedures and potential hazards in the classroom. Then we will implement the knowledge and skills in a real-life scenario in the field.

UAV Search and Rescue (SAR)

Objective – Ensure that you understand the Tools and Skills required to fly a Search and Rescue mission.

  • Common Search and Rescue Scenarios:

    • Water Rescue

    • Ground Rescue

    • Urban Rescue

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Field Programming Search Patterns

  • Collecting and Processing Data

  • File Transfer and Management

  • Setting Up Mission Control

  • Managing Adverse Flying Conditions

  • Indoor Scene Size-Up

  • Rescue Drops (Rope, Cell Phone, Flotation, Food etc.)

  • Execute precision flight drills

  • Fly mock SAR missions


UAV Thermal Imaging (TI)

Objective – Ensure that you understand the Tools and Skills required to fly using a Thermal Imaging System.  ​

  • Understanding Thermal Imaging

  • Understanding TI Palettes

  • Software Orientation

  • Hardware Orientation

  • Video / Photo monitoring and capture

  • Field Programming

  • Night Flight Skills

    • Accessories

    • Laws

    • Limitations

  • Fly the Missions