Mountain West UAS Training

Hosted by the Sublette County Sheriffs Office

Sign up for this multi-agency drone training course that will be held in Pinedale Wyoming this Spring 2023. There are currently 24 spots available so, there are 2 training start dates. 

2023 Proposed Training Dates


20th to 22nd (Primary Dates)


23rd to 25th (Secondary Dates)

To pay with check please call us at (817) 680-0810 for your payment total and our mailing address.


3 - Day UAV Search and Rescue with Thermal Imaging (SAR / TI)

3 -Day Class 

1 Day Classroom 2 Days Situational Field / Flight Training. The 3 Day (SAR) is an in-depth study in the techniques and tools needed to safely execute a UAV Search and Rescue operation. We will discuss strategies, tactics, procedures and potential hazards in the classroom. Then we will implement the knowledge and skills in a real-life scenario in the field.

UAV Search and Rescue with Thermal Imaging (SAR/TI)

​Objective – Ensure that you understand the Tools and Skills required to fly a Search and Rescue mission. Gain an understand of the Tools and Skills required to fly using a Thermal Imaging System.  ​

  • Software Orientation

  • Hardware Orientation

  • Video / Photo monitoring and capture

  • Common Search and Rescue Scenarios:​

    • Water Rescue

    • Ground Rescue

    • Urban Rescue

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Field Programming Search Patterns

  • Collecting and Processing Data

  • File Transfer and Management

  • Setting Up Mission Control

  • Managing Adverse Flying Conditions

  • Indoor Scene Size-Up

  • Rescue Drops (Rope, Cell Phone, Flotation, Food etc.)

  • Execute precision flight drills

  • Fly mock SAR missions​

  • Understanding Thermal Imaging

  • Understanding TI Palettes

  • Isotherms

  • Radiometrics

  • Night Flight Skills

  • Accessories

  • Laws

  • Limitations

  • Fly the Missions

  • 3-Day Argus Rising Class Certification to earn 24 official training hours for your required annual training.


"Joey was a great instructor and provided me with much knowledge and information regarding search-and-rescue (SAR) missions.  The class was properly divided between classroom instruction and field exercises.  This is definitely a great class for remote pilots who are new to SAR missions and want to learn the fundamentals." 

Thomas C. Johnson, M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Western Carolina University