Argus Rising First Responder Drone Classes


1-Day UAV Start Up Coaching (UAV SU)

Public Safety Professionals working for America’s 18,000+ domestic agencies are committed to keeping our communities safe.  UAVs can minimize the risk you face while at the same time allowing you to rapidly respond to unfolding situations with better information for decision making, decisions that can save lives. 

​1-Day Class

  • .5 Day Classroom and .5 Day Field Time

  • This is Step 1 in the UAV Deployment process, we will enable you to present the UAV Business Case and Budget for deployment-specific to the needs in your city.

  • Deliverables - You will leave this class with a clear understanding of drone terminology, a UAV Business Case specific to your Department, a draft UAV Operations Manual, UAV Presentation with Use Cases and Benefits of UAVs, a Startup Sample Budget and knowledge of available State and Federal Grants specific to UAV training and deployment.


Prerequisite - Currently considering starting a public safety UAV program for your agency.

Law Enforcement Drone Training

4 Day FAA Part 107 Test Prep (107 Prep)

4 - Day Class 

2 Days Classroom .5 Day Review and Testing 1.5 Day Flight Skills


Objective - The FAA has developed regulations to allow the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (small UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS) for purposes other than hobby and recreation. The rules are specified in 14 CFR part 107 and address UAS classification, certification, and operating rules.


First Responders will be taught these skills:    

  • Prep for and take the FAA Remote Pilot Certification (107) test at a local FAA test center Note: Please be prepared to pay your $150 per person test fee when we arrive at the testing center.

  • Cover FAA Regulations, Weather, Operations, Airspace and Load and Performance.

  • Understanding LAANC and Flight Safety, when and when not to fly

  • Flight Skills to manage almost any situation that arises 

  • Introduction to Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Rapid deployment, being airborne within minutes of the UAV Officer arriving on-site

  • Support tactical operations, offering immediate crucial accurate situational awareness.

  • Deliverables - You will prepare for and take the FAA Remote Certification Pilot Test, 4-Day Argus Rising Class Certification, a clear understanding of how to deploy and grow UAV services within your department. 


Prerequisite - Committed to starting a public safety UAV program for your agency.

Part 107 Training

4 - Day UAV Search and Rescue with Thermal Imaging (SAR / TI)

4 -Day Class 

1 or 2 Days Classroom, 2 or 3 Days Situational Field / Flight Training (Classroom and Field training vary based on the progress of the students.)

The 4 Day (SAR) is an in-depth study in the techniques and tools needed to safely execute a UAS Search and Rescue operation. We will discuss strategies, tactics, procedures and potential hazards in the classroom. Then we will implement the knowledge and skills in a real-life scenario in the field.

Prerequisite - 4 Day Part 107 Test Prep or Equivalent. Must be Part 107 Certified or currently operating under a valid COA.

UAV Search and Rescue (SAR)


Objective – Ensure that you understand the Tools and Skills required to fly a Search and Rescue mission.  

  • Common Search and Rescue Scenarios:

    • Water Rescue

    • Silver Alerts

    • Amber Alerts

  • Rapid Deployment 

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Field Programming Search Patterns

  • Fly the Missions

  • Collecting and Processing Data

  • File Transfer and Management

  • Setting Up Mission Control

  • Managing Adverse Flying Conditions

  • Flying in “First Person” View

  • Indoor Scene Size-Up

  • Rescue Drops (Rope, Cell Phone, Flotation, Food etc.)

Drone Search and Rescue

UAV Thermal Imaging (TI)

Objective – Ensure that you understand the Tools and Skills required to fly using a Thermal Imaging System.  ​

  • Understanding Thermal Imaging

  • Understanding TI Palettes

  • Software Orientation

  • Hardware Orientation

  • Video / Photo monitoring and capture

  • Field Programming

  • Night Flight Skills

    • Accessories

    • Laws

    • Limitations

  • Fly the Missions


1 - Day FAA Part 107 Recurrent Testing Refresher (UAV Skills)

1 - Day Class 

Objective – Whether it's time to renew your part 107 or, you are concerned about the current state of your UAV program, we offer this flight skills, refresher class. It is to ensure that you understand all FAA policy updates and review the latest industry advancements as well as assess your safety protocol and flight skills.  ​

  • 1 Day Classroom

  • Review Current FAA Rules and Procedures

  • Research Latest Hardware and Software Advancements

  • Part 107 Test Prep Review

Prerequisite - Argus Rising 4 Day Part 107 or Equivalent.