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UAS Training Programs

Argus Rising class hours can be submitted as 16 to 32 hours for your required annual training.


TX TCOLE code #4044

OK CLEET code Part 107 Test Prep – 24-1669

Police drone training
PART 107

4 Day FAA Part 107 Test Prep (107 Prep)

4 - Day Class 

3 Days Classroom 1 Day Review and Testing (UAS Control Station Orientation and Flight Skills Assessment / Implementation if time permits)


Objective - The FAA has developed regulations to allow the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (small UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS) for purposes other than hobby and recreation. The rules are specified in 14 CFR part 107 and address UAS classification, certification, and operating rules. Your test fee is separate from the class fee. Please be prepared to pay your $175 per person test fee when we reserve your testing appointment in class online.


First Responders will be taught these skills:    

  • Cover FAA Regulations, Weather, Operations, Airspace and Load and Performance.

  • Learn the material in only less than 24 classroom hours.

  • Prep for and take the FAA Unmanned Pilot Certification (Part 107) test at a local FAA test center on day 4.

  • Accountability "learn the material sooner than later".

  • Ability to learn from and ask questions of FAA certified licensed manned and unmanned aircraft pilots in class instead of "Googling".

  • We keep the pilots focused on the material.

  • Understanding terminology and implementing it in the field.

  • Focus on communication, safety and crew roles.

  • We explore almost 800 actual test questions.

  • Create your IACRA account in class.

  • Schedule your test time and date in class.

  • 5 free practice tests included to use the evening before your test.

  • Learn new rules as they are implemented by the FAA to stay up to date with the material.

  • 4-Day Argus Rising Class Certification to earn 32 official training hours for your required annual training. TCOLE #4404


3 - Day UAS Search and Rescue

3 -Day Class 

1 Day Classroom 2 Days Situational Field / Flight Training. The 3 Day (SAR) is an in-depth study in the techniques and tools needed to safely execute a UAS Search and Rescue operation. We will discuss strategies, tactics, procedures and potential hazards in the classroom. Then we will implement the knowledge and skills in a real-life scenario in the field.

UAS Search and Rescue Overview

Objective – Ensure that you understand the Tools and Skills required to fly a Search and Rescue mission.  ​

  • Software Orientation

  • Hardware Orientation

  • Video / Photo monitoring and capture

  • Common Search and Rescue Scenarios:

    • Water Rescue

    • Ground Rescue

    • Urban Rescue

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Field Programming Search Patterns

  • Collecting and Processing Data

  • File Transfer and Management

  • Setting Up Mission Control

  • Managing Adverse Flying Conditions

  • Execute precision flight drills

  • Fly mock SAR missions

  • Understanding Thermal Imaging

  • Understanding TI Palettes

  • Isotherms

  • Radiometrics

  • Accessories

  • Laws

  • Limitations

  • Fly the Missions

  • 3-Day Argus Rising Class Certification to earn 24 official training hours for your required annual training. TCOLE #4404

Police Drone Training

2 - Day UAS Technology and Flight Skills (TFS)


2 - Day Class 

2 Days Flying Time


Objective - work with our expert pilots to hone your UAS knowledge and skills in the field. This course is great for rookies or experts. We assess your gear, skills and Remote PIC flight habits. We will consult you about the state of your current UAS program.


First Responders will be taught these skills:    

  • Understanding drone terminology and implementing it in the field

  • Drone hardware inspection

  • Drone software updates

  • Flight skills to maneuver a UAS safely and competently

  • Focus on communication and situational awareness.

  • Setting up mission control

  • Understand drone functions and capabilities

  • Execute basic and advanced flight skills

  • Learn UAS flight training drills

  • Fly mock missions

  • File Transfer and Management

  • Fly in tight spaces

  • Battery management

  • Explore cutting edge apps and UAS platforms

  • Diagnose and remedy any "bugs" or  recurring errors you may be facing. 

  • 2-Day Argus Rising Class Certification to earn 16 official training hours for your required annual training. TCOLE #4404

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